The Journey Begins

Last night we held our first ever event called ‘The Battle of the Lakes‘ on 13th May 2019.


It has been stated that Wairarapa had no land wars, but the lake wars we did have lasted longer, and in many ways continue to this day. The 13th of May 1892 was a day to remember at Te Ūpokokirikiri, Ōnoke Moana (Lake Ōnoke). It marks the height of ‘The Battle of The Lakes’, pushy settlers met passive resistant Māori on the sand spit, and passions flared to an ultimate climax…. Frozen Natives versus Roast Settlers as a news article from the time mentioned.

As part of this event we also officially launched Te Rua o Mahara and this website. Our hope is to continue these types of kaupapa and share stories and adventures that we hold.

Below is some of the photos from the event last night of our hīkoi and quiz night.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Carlene Te Tau says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. Ka pai Te Rua O Mahara love it.


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